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Recycling Collection dates

Both rubbish and recycling are collected on a WEDNESDAY. Rubbish is collected every week; recycling and garden waste (for subscribers) on alternate weeks.

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Council Minutes, and Old Parish Photo’s  Updated on 18 March 2015

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Vacancy Part time Clerk to South Petherwin Parish Council

Applications to
John Whiting
27 Westgate Street Launceston PL15 7AD
by March 18th 2015

South Petherwin parish Council Chairman, John Whiting, presented a thank you card and gift to the retiring parish clerk, Alan Brook. He thanked him for all his hard work and valued contribution to the council and community.

Spring arrives at South Petherwin with new born lambs arriving in farms across the parish. One distinct lamb born at West Petherwin Farm, is SPOT with his black spot. Although Spot wasn’t to bothered about having his picture taken but he would rather have been playing catch with his sister or enjoying a drink at mums.

South Petherwin Defibrillator Valentine Fundraiser.

Defibrillator Table Top Day Great Success.

The SPED committee were all kept busy on Saturday Morning, Feb 7th 2015 with the SPED Table Top fund raising day. A regular flow of locals and visitors, some from as far away as Boyton! arrived to buy from the table top stalls and join in the raffle for the top prize, the Valentine Cake, donated by Louise Finn.
Committee chairman, Phil Fox and Paul Barham manned the kitchen, pouring well over fifty cups of tea and coffee. " It was wonderful to see so many people enjoying a cup of tea, homemade cake and a good old chat. We were all surprised and encouraged by the turnout and support for this worthwhile project. I would like to thank both all those who attended as well as the table top sellers and the committee. "

The day raised over £330 .

For more info on SPED contact: Alison Barham..01566 777561

Screening Application

A screening application has been put in for another 70m wind turbine between South Petherwin and Daw's House, 1.1 km from Launceston.
PLEASE NOTE as a screening application this is not open for public comment, that will be when/if an actual application is made. However comments can be addressed to the applicant. Read the PLEASE READ note on the planning application documents section for more information on this. The planning application number is PA15/01625. The location is a field east of East Petherwin and to my assessment within a few hundred meters

of the soon to be erected Beacon turbine.

Two new pages added giving a little nostalgic insight into the South Petherwin Methodist Chapel  WI Hall, original playing field and the main road through the village.