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New Play area

Work has begun on the new children’s play area at the the school.

South Petherwin Great War Centenary Booklet

The booklet that commemorates theSouth Petherwin Great War Centenary Booklet  World War One fallen from South Petherwin has now been published and will be delivered along with the next Parish Magazine to every household within the Parish. It is a great read providing a homage to those brave men that gave their lives in service for their country. A lot of research and effort has been undertaken by Peter Bailey to bring this to publication and is deserving of a special mention. It is hoped to further commemorate the WW1  centenary with a further event later in the year. Should you wish to purchase a copy, all households in the parish will have a copy delivered for free, then you can purchase a copy £2.00 from Peter Bailey 01566 774818 or Phil Parsons 01566 777179.

For a Launceston wide look at the two wars go to www.launcestonthen.co.uk plus a whole lot more for those with a nostalgic interest for Launceston and its district.

Parish Councillor Vacancies

Due to recent resignations, there are now three vacancies for Parish Councillor. If you are interested in helping the community by becoming a Councillor please contact Alan Brook, Parish Clerk, on 01566 777183 or by email at spparishclerk@icloud.com"

St. Paternus Church, South Petherwin, from the main road, c 1910Article from the Lancashire Evening Post of the 9th of November 1931.


Beacon Wind Turbine Appeal

The appeal for the Wind Turbine at the Beacon has been successful against the wishes of many Parishioners. The full details can be found here at the Online Planning page.

Recycling Collection dates

Both rubbish and recycling are collected on a WEDNESDAY. Rubbish is collected every week; recycling and garden waste (for subscribers) on alternate weeks.

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